What is Grounding? 

Becoming aware of your connection to the earth. 

Have you ever felt unsupported or like you are disconnected? 

Grounding is a great way to bring some stability into your body by connecting you with the earth. You can use your attention or feeling sense to achieve a sense of harmony by grounding yourself. 

How can I ground myself? 

You can ground yourself wherever you are, but it is easiest if you can get outside. 
Take yourself outside, barefoot if possible and really feel in your feet. Feel the grass, is it soft, or hard and spiky? Slowly move around your garden feeling in the bottom of your feet, noticing the change in textures as you go from grass to paving or soil to stones. Whatever is under your feet, take your time to really feel the connection. Let your thoughts float down into the earth and breath in strength and vitality from your feet into your body. 
If you are in a flat but would like to ground yourself you can still do this, you just need to feel in your feet and feel the floor beneath your feet and keep moving through the different layers until you feel the connection with the ground at earth level. Don’t rush it and by taking your time you will know when you have that connection. 
Another way you can ground yourself is by using your breath - you can inhale in through your nose, gently wash the inhalation over your head and on the exhalation feel the breath move down your body slowly and softly and on each exhalation it will get further and further down the body until it connects to the ground beneath you and then the ground surrounding you. 
If you feel too heavy after grounding, bring a lightness back to your body by a gentle full body stretch or a gentle wiggle. 
Enjoy this moment and carry it with you wherever you go next. 
Do you want to know more? 
Why not book a 121 guidance chat. 
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