Rest, Reset and Restore. 

Do you find yourself in overload? Feeling unhappy, empty and confused. 
Sleep should provide us with rest and relaxation. But with our senses being overstimulated, our sleep is often disturbed. Our nervous systems cannot wind down enough to get to sleep - when our nervous systems do not get the chance to settle into a quiet place, how can we fall into a natural sleep? 
Or maybe you do fall asleep but wake soon after, thinking and worrying again. 
If only there was some magic way to switch off the mind and connect with you - the deeper you that can help heal your whole mind & body. 
You do have this availability within you, we all do. 
Our inner reset button. 
Pure awareness - meditation. 
Wait stop….. Don’t run away from this word, in fact I invite you to throw it out the window. 
I’m not asking you to make more time in your day or for you to quieten your mind, follow the steps below and repeat daily and observe what happens. 
Before you even get out of bed in the morning I invite you to feel the weight of your body, in contact with your bed. If you are aware of any tension in your body, just breathe and let it be. 
Let your head sink into your pillow. 
Become aware of your shoulders, moving down your body, into your ribs and lower back and resting for a moment in your hips. 
Feeling the connection to your bed beneath you. 
Down your legs, thighs, calves, heels and feet. 
Sending this body scan down your arms, elbows, wrists and hands. 
You can do this with your eyes open or softly let them close, now just let go of your awareness. 
Become aware of your inner chatter. 
Don’t jump into it and join in, but become aware of it like an observer, don’t judge it, don’t try to control or stop it in any way. 
When you feel ready, become aware of the quiet behind the chatter. 
Don’t try and hold onto the quiet, just observe this within the chatter. 
I invite you to gently bring your awareness to your breath. 
You don’t need to change anything, just breathe as you normally breathe. 
You might find that when you try to tune into your breath, your mind races even faster with more thoughts and noise. 
Allow them to flow, notice, observe and breathe. 
This whole process is simple, but with regular practice you can make it easy. 
Don’t over complicate it. 
Keep practicing every day, even on the tough days. 
This is just the start to find your own reset. 
Over the next few blogs, I’ll be sharing more tips with you. 
Love and light 
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