What position is right for me? 

When you meditate the best posture or position is one that makes you as comfortable as you can be in this moment to remain alert and present. 
We try to remove any obstacles that might distract you as you sit in meditation. 
What can distract you? Your body, your mind, thoughts, disengaging, tiredness, people, and pets to name a few 
As a meditation teacher I can help you find the best posture or position for you. 

What options do you have? 

Sitting, Standing and Lying down are the main three. 


Sitting, can be upright in a chair, where your feet are flat on the floor and your back supported by a cushion. 
Or you can sit on a cushion with your legs gently crossed or you can use a wall as your support behind you. 
What cushion do you use to sit on? This can be what you have available, or you might want to try a meditation cushion, or bolster cushion. 
These are designed to better support your body in various positions. 
Why use a cushion? It gently raises your pelvis allowing your whole body to sit more comfortably. But you don’t have to, try different ones until you find the one that works for you. 
I like sitting upright in bed with a pillow supporting behind my back. 


Standing, can be used if you find during meditation that you just drift off to sleep? Or you just don’t know where you go? 
This is disengaging from the present moment and can be caused by lots of different reasons. 
You can use the support of a wall behind you, I also would recommend to shorten your meditation practice and definitely keep your eyes as a soft focus on the floor or space in front of you. 

Lying Down 

Lying Down may be the most comfortable position for you, and that’s okay. 
This is one of the hardest positions to begin a meditation practice from because when we lie down our body recognises this as our sleep position and begins to switch off. 
Now there are some meditations where I will recommend this posture because we have the intention and guidance to aid a deep relaxation. 
But if you want to meditate regularly and easily, try and find a position that is upright, but that supports your body as needed in that moment. 
With repetition of your meditation practice, your body will strengthen energetically and you will feel supported. 
Do you want to know more? 
Why not book a 121 guidance chat. 
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