Before lockdown I would to say to my clientS 

“Your body will let you know with a light feather touch when it isn’t happy, if we don’t listen it will hit us with something a bit harder, like a brick - and if we still don’t listen to it, it will floor us and make us listen.” 

This is what happened to me 

Six years ago I was living overseas, struggling to conceive our family and all the stresses that go along with that journey. Finally when my youngest was 2 years old, my body decided enough was enough, so it floored me! I woke up one morning with pins and needles in 3 of my fingers in my left hand, and within a week it radiated up my arm and into my chest and I lost all strength in that arm. I could no longer carry my daughter in that arm or sometimes I couldn’t even move it. I was very scared, I saw my doctor and she sent me off for an MRI to rule out a few things but it didn’t. The diagnosis was Multiple Sclerosis, I was immediately devastated and thinking ‘worst case scenario.’ I saw a neurologist and because my active lesion was on C3 in my neck and close to my spinal cord he advised me to go onto a drug to called Fingolimod to protect spine and legs. 
Thankfully at this time, I had just started my AcuEnergetics training and part of the training is meditation, because we as practitioners have to learn how to be still so we can feel the energy or electricity within our bodies and also in our clients. 
I resisted meditation for quite a while, I couldn’t understand how being still and present in the moment and letting everything flow into the background would help my arm. But my mentor was brilliant, she said ‘Just do it’, and ‘Just do it everyday’ so I did. Within about 3 weeks I noticed I was able to use my arm a bit more and that my pins and needles wasn’t as strong anymore in my fingers. 
During this time we made the decision to come back to the UK for various reasons but mainly because Australia is so far away from family - so I focused on finishing my AcuEnergetics Practitioner training. 
When we arrived back in the UK I made an appointment with a neurologist. However, I am not sick enough in the UK, with my M.S to remain on the same drug. The neurologist wanted me to switch to injectables and I said no……… I think with 3 years of AcuEnergetics training and understanding my body better through a regular meditation practise, I knew in my gut I wanted to be drug free for my M.S. That was 4 years ago, I still meditate regularly and I know what I have to look out for in my body when it starts not being happy and more importantly - I listen to it. 
Every journey to wellness is personal and unique, and we all need help and support with our bodies from time to time, take time to listen to your body ‘what does it need from you now?’ 
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