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How do you feel in this moment? 
Do you feel okay in your body and mind? 
Remember it’s okay to not be okay. 
It’s okay to ask for help. 
It’s okay to stand up for yourself and be heard. 
You are important. 
You matter. 
I see you. 

How many times do you say yes to people without thinking about yourself and whether you actually should be saying no? 

Remember you need to nourish yourself before you nourish those around you. 
Years ago I heard a phrase "You can't pour water from an empty pitcher" and yes I thought about this and understood it but in reality I still sometimes forget. 
And do you know what, that's okay. 
Life is constantly moving and evolving and we need to move, adapt and evolve with it. I'm not perfect, no-one is but I have a whole toolkit of wellbeing practices that I reach out to when I need them. 
And one of them is the "power of no." When I say no, I don't say it from a place of cruelty or hurt and anger. I say no because I love and value myself, I love and value those I am saying no to or maybe I'm saying no because I don't have the time right now to say yes. 
Remember it is okay to not be okay. 
Learn to listen to your body. 
Give yourself time to pause and breathe. 
You are enough. 
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