A Sound bath – what is it, and do you get wet? 

Sound baths are one of my favourite things to do – whether I’m running them for others, or enjoying one myself! But I do know that it’s a pretty strange name, and it can cause some confusion for people when they hear about them for the first time; so I thought I’d explain what a Sound bath is here, answer some common questions, and let you know why they’re so wonderful! 

What is a Sound bath? 

If you’ve ever done a yoga session, you’ll know about the bit at the end – where you lie still, on your back in the savasanna position or however you choose, and just breathe. That end part of yoga is where a Sound bath begins – you lie there, just being in your body, and letting the sounds that I play live wash over you, usually for about an hour. My instruments are two beautiful traditional gongs, that hold a wide range of sounds and feelings within them, and the deep sound waves resonate from them through the floor and air, and through your body as you lie there. I also have numerous singing bowls, chimes, bells, ocean sounds and many more. 
Each Sound bath is unique. Before an event, I create a soundscape based on the time of the year; whether it’s indoors or outdoors; what the weather is like and even how the gongs feel when I play. 
During the Sound bath, I follow the soundscape but I also listen to my intuition and Bea and Veda (my gongs) and open my heart to go with the flow that comes from them. 

So am I in a bathtub – and do I get wet? 

No, sadly there are no bathtubs – in fact, the more clothes the better! The best way to enjoy a Sound bath is to be cosy and comfy, so you can lie back and not worry about any physical discomfort; so I generally ask my clients to bring with them whatever is going to make them most comfortable. Cushions, blankets and sleeping bags are very popular, as are yoga mats to lie on – and some people bring woolly socks and an extra layer too. If you have a back that might nag you during the hour, a cushion for the small of your back might be something that will help as well. 
And don’t worry – no one gets wet! The bath part just means the sound washing over you, whether that’s from the instruments I play, or the sounds around you. The Sound baths I hold outdoors in the countryside are some of my favourites for the wide variety of beautiful sounds that work together with the instruments in those settings. 

What do I do for that time? 

It’s one hour just for you to lie there – so whatever you feel, wherever your mind wants to go, just let it. You don’t have to concentrate on breathing as we would in a meditation; you don’t have to focus on different parts of your body; although you can do either of these if you want to. Some people feel their imaginations soar during a Sound bath, and come away with all sorts of inspiration and plans for the future; some people are taken to beautiful memories from their past; some people just feel different emotions, for seemingly no reason. Some people are hushed to sleep! Whatever you do, it’s an hour just for you: for your body and mind to use as they need it most. 

And what will it do for me? 

There are so many benefits, and they vary for each person. I get so much joy from delivering a Sound bath, because I know how really beneficial they can be. A single Sound bath session can calm your body and mind and reduce stress and anxiety; it can give you greater focus and clarity on certain areas of your life, or in general; it can decrease tension in your body, and fatigue of both body and mind; and it can boost your mood. Something that just about everyone reports is that they get the best night’s sleep of their life after a Sound bath – worth doing just for that! 

Meet the Gongs 

Bea is a symphonic paiste 38” gong, with a beautiful sunburst around her edge. She has a full range of sounds and tones within her, depending on which mallet or flumi I use when playing. Each one brings out a lightness or darkness and everywhere in between. 
Veda is a Flower of Life gong, smaller than Bea and he will be guided through the group (when the pandemic situation is safer, and everyone is comfortable to do it) so that you can feel the closest vibrations through your body. He is my grounding gong: he adds a balance to Bea and with the two of them it opens up a fuller range of emotions to play. 

What my clients say… 

“RestoreU sound baths are such a valuable and deep relaxing experience, I have enjoyed two sessions so far and it totally relaxed me. Sonia makes the gongs dance and sing on the wooden deck together with natures sounds around you, just beautiful.” 
“Such a beautiful experience. I absolutely loved it! Being outside, listening to the gongs and the birds was blissful.” 
“As a ‘first timer’ to a Soundbath experience, I wasn’t disappointed and found it incredibly relaxing and the perfect way to complement my meditation practice. Also a very cost effective way to enjoy a whole hour of tranquillity in beautiful surroundings under Sonia’s calm guidance. Pure bliss!” 
“I cannot begin to describe the impact of the sensation of the gong bath. A totally indulgent relaxation session that just clears your head and overwhelms you with a sense of calm... amazing.” 
“If you're looking for a different way to relax, a sound bath is highly recommended by me. The sounds Sonia is able to get from her gongs and singing bowls are amazing from the deepest tones that reverberate deep in the soul to the clearest chimes counterpointed by the local birds; the whole experience is mesmerising.” 
“I went along for my first ever sound bath, I went along wondering what to expect and how I would feel. Sonia was fantastic at explaining what would happen and some the feelings we may get from the experience. I got into such an amazing meditative state where I was so present in that time, it was amazing! I would highly recommend a sound bath to anyone and will definitely be booking another session in the future!” 
Do you want to know more? 
email sonia@restoreu.co.uk 
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