Let me introduce you to my gong …… this is Bea, her name means ‘one who brings happiness’. 

I love working with sound, and the journey to discover the whole range of vibrations and rhythms that make a sound scape, that works for clients. 
Every person is unique and what they enjoy in a sound experience is different. It is my role as a Sound Practitioner to facilitate the space and allow the experience to unfold. 
You might have heard of the name ‘Gong Bath’ but what is it? 
You come into the space where I am playing - at the moment it is outside. During the session you are lying down on a yoga mat, depending on the weather you might like a blanket to keep warm. Your head is gently supported by a cushion and you can either lie flat or with your knees raised. Or you can even enjoy the Gong Bath sitting if that is what is comfortable for you. I introduce you to what is going to take place and then you listen to the various sounds that I play with all my instruments and let the vibrations wash over you like a bath. 
I’m moving towards calling my sessions a Sound Experience because to me that is what is happening, we are both experiencing the sounds and vibrations and with them relaxing, opening and letting go. 
Before I begin an experience with my client (or clients, if in a group) I set up all my equipment and then I take 5 minutes to sit and meditate with my instruments around me. This enables me to welcome the client(s) with an open heart and with a grounding that is needed in sound work. 
I welcome the client(s) and find out how they are today, and I discuss the various positions they can be in for the experience but my overall aim is to make them as comfortable as they can be. Then I give them permission to stop, that it is okay to just be here and take this time for them. I also give them permission during the session to move, or wiggle or even sit up if that is what they feel they need to do. I let them know that my voice will guide them into the session and that I will also guide them out at the end. 
Before the session, I will have a feeling about what instruments I want to bring in and when, what their story is, to add to the experience, I also take into account the weather, environment and my client or clients and then I let my instruments guide me. The experience is a journey of sound, from some small gentle ones through to some big flourishes or even waves of crescendos. Changing instruments to enhance or change the mood, to bring clarity or to calm the space. 
During a session there are quiet moments, giving some of the bigger vibrations time to fully resonate through the space and sometimes we need silence to give us space to reflect on how we are… giving pauses is all part of the sound journey. 
Through it all I keep an eye on my clients - and feel how the vibrations are resounding around them. I always end with a calming rhythm and grounding sounds on the gong or singing bowls to really bring people back into their bodies emotionally and then I use my voice to bring back awareness to the space they are in. 
The end of the session is very important, I ensure all clients come back to sitting slowly and in their own time and then I discuss how to stay connected to the earth in their feet and also the importance to drink water to keep the vibrations moving in their body. There is always a chance at the end of the session to let me know how you felt but also if you prefer you can just end with silence. 
Everyone is different - Sound is an experience open to everyone. 
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