Sometimes, when you’re overworked, hassled and stressed, an hour of silence might seem like bliss. 

But in some cases, sound – as opposed to noise – could well turn out to be the answer to your relaxation needs. 
RestoreU, run by meditation teacher and sound practitioner Sonia Norman, offers sound as a form of healing. A Sound Bath – which involved neither undressing nor getting wet – promotes relaxation by inviting participants to lie comfortably on a yoga mat for an hour, wrapped in blankets, eyes closed, while sound and vibrations from traditional gongs help the body switch off for a while and naturally heal itself. 
Sonia first became interested in natural healing eight years ago, when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Through AcuEnergetics, which encourages meditation and listening to the body to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance self-awareness, improve sleep, control pain and lower blood pressure, she found relief from her condition and eventually trained as a practitioner. She became a registered British School of Meditation Teacher in 2020. 
While only one of a number of therapies available through RestoreU, Sound Baths are, Sonia believes, one of the most effective ways to destress and reset. 
“The best way to enjoy a Sound Bath is to be cosy and comfy, to lie back and not worry about any physical discomfort. I generally ask my clients to bring with them whatever is going to make them most comfortable, such as cushions, blankets and sleeping bags with a yoga mat to lie on,” said Sonia. 
“No one gets wet! The bath part just means the sound washing over you, whether that’s from the instruments I play, or the sounds around you. The great thing is that it is an hour to just lie there and let your mind go where it wants to go. You don’t have to concentrate on breathing as we would in a meditation; you don’t have to focus on different parts of your body; although you can do either of these if you want to. Some people feel their imaginations soar during a Sound Bath and come away with all sorts of inspiration and plans for the future; some people are taken to beautiful memories from their past; some people just feel different emotions, for seemingly no reason. 
“Just a single session can calm your body and mind and reduce stress and anxiety. I’d recommend it to anyone who has a frantic lifestyle and needs to stop every now and then and let their body relax and heal for a little while.” 
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