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Sonia Norman 

I became interested in Holistic therapy in 2013 when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. 
Exploring different modalities to see what resonated and worked for me personally. 
I became an AcuEnergetics Practitioner in 2015, after having therapy to help my body heal itself. 
A massive part of this journey to heal was meditation, I was very resistant to begin with because I couldn’t understand how sitting still, doing nothing could be of any benefit. However, I persevered and practiced every day for 20 minutes even when I didn’t feel I had 20 minutes free. 
Through journaling my meditation practice, I began to see the results, not only in my mental health but also physically. 

Sound Vibrations & Healing 

In 2019 I experienced my first sound from a traditional gong and was instantly drawn into their magnetic power and resonance. 
I trained with the Northern School of Soundsmiths in 2020 and purchased my first gong and accompanying traditional musical instruments. 
Sound vibrations and healing have been used throughout history by many cultures to maintain balance and harmony in the body. 
Every cell in your body has its own harmonic frequency and when that is out of balance it may show symptoms in your body and mind. 
Sound baths are a way to help your body release, reset and restore any imbalances. 

Qualified Menopause Yoga Teacher 

In 2021 I passed my 200hr yoga qualification, to bring the physical connection to your breath and mind. I love the connection to yourself during practice and truly believe, it is a form of physical meditation. 
In 2023 I trained with Petra Coveney from Menopause Yoga and is now an accredited Menopause Yoga Teacher. 
These are the circle of therapies or offerings available with myself, you can pick one at any time or choose a blend of all of them. 
I love holding space for people to explore themselves, learning how they are, and what their body may need help with. Are you ready to learn what your body needs?  

Louise Watson 

I took the decision to train to become a teacher as I wanted to share the benefits of yoga (it's official - yoga makes you feel good). 
My offer to you is a fun and interactive yoga practice - sessions where I will actively support you in your yoga journey - whatever that means for you - we will all be different and that's okay! 

Eva Paoli 

Yoga is incredibly empowering and that's why I love teaching it - whether you're sad or happy, in pain or on top of the world, yoga meets you where you're at and helps you to navigate life's ups and downs. 

Aimee Newton 

Yoga is amazing, and I discovered its healing and therapeutic powers when I qualified as a Yoga Teacher 18 years ago. 
It’s also the reason I became an Osteopath – because understanding the workings of the body, and all its component parts, deepens and enriches my knowledge of the power of Yoga – and vice versa. 
Both systems have influenced the way I practise the other, and as a result my treatment approach has developed into something unique to me. 
I am able to use these wonderfully complementary disciplines to identify and diagnose physical problems, and create a personalised programme that will heal and strengthen you, and give you the tools to keep you pain-free, through Yoga. 

Vicki Wilkinson 

My classes are fun, relaxed and designed to provide you with all the information you need to feel positive and empowered about pregnancy, birth and life as new parent. 
To find out more about Vicki or to book her classes, click the link below. 

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