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We believe that yoga is for everyone. 
Our goal is to make you feel comfortable on your mat, and we hope that you embrace yoga off the mat too - whoever you are, however you practice, we welcome you to relax, unwind and get back in touch with your body. Practice over perfection. 

Benefits of Yoga 

A regular yoga practice can provide a multitude of benefits. Yoga is known to increase flexibility and strength, aid in the correct functioning of bodily organs and systems, cultivate mental focus and clarity, create emotional balance and invoke a send of inner peace. 
It takes patience and practice. Give yourself time to understand you within your yoga practice. 


Learn to reset your mind and restore your whole body. 
Meditation isn't easy, sitting still takes practice and time.  
At RestoreU we have regular meditation classes open to everyone or if you want to delve deeper into your practice join one of our workshops. 
Or you can book for a private meditation appointment to begin. 
Just begin. 

Benefits of meditation 

Humans have practiced meditation for millennia, and its benefits are deep and wide-ranging. 
The emotional gains are well-known: stress reduction, increasing joy, and restoring calm. 
The mental benefits are significant too, but lesser known: more creativity, sharper focus, greater productivity, heightened awareness, and improved listening skills. 
The physical benefits are equally great: meditation has been found to influence conditions such as heart disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure, insomnia, chronic pain, and immune deficiencies. 
It takes patience, time and training to master meditation on any level. 

Sound Bath 

A Sound Bath, or Gong Bath, immerses you in waves of sound which we create using our gongs and related sound instruments. 
It induces relaxation, meditative states, enhanced creativity, and general wellbeing. 

Sound Bath Benefits 

The sound bath provides a space to regenerate, nourish, and reset the whole being - mind and body. 
The experience is personal and it is different each time, adding a new palette of colours, nuances and shades to life. 
A single Sound Bath session can calm your body and mind and reduce stress and anxiety; it can give you greater focus and clarity on certain areas of your life, or in general; it can decrease tension in your body, and fatigue of both body and mind; and it can boost your mood. 
Gong Baths generally last for 1 hour. Please bring your own mat, blanket(s), pillow and eye pillow. 
Contraindications: Please let me know in advance if any of the below apply to you. 
have a metal implant, 
or suffer from a sound sensitive condition. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Sonia here 

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If you have any questions about our classes or events please get in touch 
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