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At RestoreU, we hold the space for you to rest, reset, and restore. 
Listening to your body is the key to wellbeing, helping you create a personalized toolkit of techniques that work for you. We understand that everyone is unique, and what works for you might not work for someone else, but that's perfectly okay. 
Explore and Create Your Wellbeing Toolkit 
Join us for regular classes, events, and workshops to explore yoga, meditation, and sound healing. These practices are designed to help you discover what your body needs today, in this moment. Your body communicates with you subtly at first, but if you don't listen, it will persist until you have to stop and pay attention. Learn to recognize and respond to these signals before they overwhelm you. 
Our Offerings 
Yoga: Build strength, flexibility, and inner peace through our yoga classes. 
Meditation: Cultivate mindfulness and relaxation to enhance mental clarity and emotional balance. 
Sound Healing: Experience the therapeutic effects of sound to reduce stress and promote healing. 
Located in the heart of Buckingham, we invite you to make time for yourself in your diary.  
Discover the path to a healthier, more balanced life with RestoreU. 

Coming up at RestoreU 

Sound Bath 

Sunday 4th August 3pm - 4.15pm 
Our sound baths offer a unique opportunity to pause and breathe, listen, and feel the healing vibrations of music from our traditional instruments. 
Lie back on your mat, blanket, and pillow, and allow your body to completely switch off. Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds and let the harmonious frequencies guide you into a state of deep relaxation and restoration. 
Join us at RestoreU to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit through the transformative power of sound. 


Begins Thursday 5th Sept 6pm - 7.30pm 
Our Menopause yoga 4 week course offers the space to learn, empower, and build your own toolkit to support you during this stage of life. 
Together we explore menopause through circle talks, yoga, meditation, breath work and journaling.  
Menopause yoga is based on Hatha yoga but it also incorporates elements from Vinyasa flow movement, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and elements of yin yoga. 
No yoga experience necessary. 
(Sonia Norman is an accredited Menopause Yoga teacher.) 
Dates: Thursday 5th Sept 6pm - 7.30pm 
Thursday 12th Sept 6pm - 7.30pm 
Week break to process and practice at home 
Thursday 26th Sept 6pm - 7.30pm 
Thursday 3rd Oct 6pm - 7.30pm 



Yoga & Meditation Classes 

Regular yoga practice will improve your quality of life - strenthening your body and calming your mind. Dedicate a little time to move, breathe and find more inner balance at RestoreU 
More details below. 

Sound baths & Collaboration Events 

We are a dedicated Sound Bath studio, we hold the space for you to lie back, relax and allow the sounds to wash over you.  
We also collaborate with other professionals to bring a wide range of wellbeing events into our studio.  
More details below. 


AcuEnergetics® is a therapy that restores flow in your bio-electrical system. It combines Chinese, Judaic, Indian and Western healing traditions, together with modern research and techniques to create this powerful and effective treatment modality. 
Contact Sonia to discuss further. 


If you would like to experience more than just an hour, why not explore our retreats, we host afternoon retreats in our Studio in Buckingham.  
Plus Full Day and Weekend retreats in external venues.  
For more details visit our events schedule or retreat page. 

School Enrichment days or Corporate events/workshops 

We offer corporate wellness, or school enrichment events bespoke to suit the needs of your team/school. 
Blending together yoga, meditation and sound. 
Contact Sonia to find out more 


"I have attended a few events now at RestoreU, when Sonia has collaborated with another business, but also for a 1-to-1 soundbath, and it just keeps getting better...." 
Sandrine Bonomo - 22/06/2023 
"I have been to several sound baths hosted by Sonia and B (the gong) I find it amazing each time and Sonia is so calming. It’s definitely going to be part of my self care regime. 
Hayley Bent - 10/06/2023 
"Perfect balance of yoga, meditation and sound bath providing an afternoon of sheer relaxation." 
Helen Bliss - 26/03/2023 
"I experienced the Energetic Healing Event hosted by Sarah & Sonia. What a wonderful evening! Sarah & Sonia were so warm and welcoming and I left feeling rebalanced and ready to face the world." 
Charlotte Howell - 17/03/2023 

Get in Touch 

If you have any questions about our classes or events please get in touch 
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